Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peas Freeze Dried Dehydrated Survival Food - Giant Can

Peas Freeze
Peas Freeze Dried Dehydrated Survival Food - Giant #10 Can
by American Supply

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Our freeze dried peas are preserved using a process called freeze drying Approximately 93% of the moisture is removed by this unique process. The end product weight is reduced by over 90%, while the volume stays the same. Freeze drying preserves the pea's nutritional qualities, color, and fresh taste.
Freeze dried and dehydrated products are less expensive than wet pack food because you are not paying for water. The taste is great and the nutritional food value is excellent.

Our peas are naturally delicious, with no additives, preservatives or sugar. Great for adding some flavor and color to your salads, soups, in recipes that call for vegetables, or as a healthy snack right out of the can.

The shelf life of our long term food storage is 15 years under ideal storage conditions. An ideal storage condition is a cool dry place. The cooler the temperature the product is stored at the longer the self life.

Each #10 can contains about 40 1/4 cup servings of dehydrated peas.

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