Friday, April 6, 2012

Organic Raw Sun Cured Whole Vanilla Bean Powder - oz

Organic Raw
Organic Raw Sun Cured Whole Vanilla Bean Powder - 4 oz
by The Raw Food World
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Vanilla is the only orchid flower in the world that produces an edible fruit, and it is very labor intensive to cultivate and produce large amounts of, which is why it is normally so expensive! Other interesting Vanilla Facts : Vanilla is used in almost every chocolate bar recipe on the planet, and vanilla vines can actually grow on chocolate trees! For the Totonaca, vanilla was a sacred herb that they incorporated into all levels of their lives. As a medicine it had a number of uses. Although vanilla hasn?t received as much attention as many of the common popular herbs such as lavender, mint or chamomile, it has been used as a ?medicine? for hundreds of years and its popularity is growing as more evidence becomes available about its power to heal and soothe.

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