Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fruit Sweetened Dried Cranberries oz bag

Fruit Sweetened
Fruit Sweetened Dried Cranberries 16 oz bag
by New England Cranberry

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A clear, clean taste, less sweet than our cane-sugar version and a noticeable cranberry tang! No fructose or sucrose. Will be a taste point in many baking products. Recognized for their health benefits, cranberries have been recommended for prevention and alleviation of kidney and urinary-tract infections. breakfast - sprinkle a handful on your favorite cereal, pancakes and waffles, too. lunch - put in a green salad, chicken salad ro fruit salad. dinner - add to rice (especially brown and wild rice), also to salads and sauces for a new flavor and texture. baking - incorporate into muffins, scones, cookies adn breakds where no bleeding is desired. snack - toss down a few handfuls of this healthy, no-fat, no-salt tasty treat. It's lower in calories than most other dried fruit.

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