Sunday, March 25, 2012

Osem Pound Cake (Kosher for Passover), .-Ounce Packages (Pack of )

Osem Pound
Osem Pound Cake (Kosher for Passover), 8.8-Ounce Packages (Pack of 9)
by Osem
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The Osem Group is a fine example of how to observe the laws of kashrut according to Halacha (Jewish religious law). For the last 13 years, the kashrut set-up in the facilities of this leading food manufacturer in Israel has been under the guidance of Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Harlap, the corporation�s Rabbi. The laws of kashrut are meticulously applied throughout the production procedure of thousands of different items, manufactured in production plants throughout Israel and the world. The kashrut supervision set-up ensures that the system functions properly in all areas pertaining to kashrut throughout the production process. This set-up which operates in a professional and scrupulous manner ensures that every kashrut-observant Jew can enjoy Osem-Nestl� products anywhere in the world without any need for concern.

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