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Healthy Pregnancy Gift Basket

Healthy Pregnancy
Healthy Pregnancy Gift Basket
by Well Baskets

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Help your favorite mom-to-be celebrate this very special time in her life with our Healthy Pregnancy Gift Basket. The all-natural foods included will provide just what her body needs to meet the increased demands imposed by pregnancy as well as providing the nutrients needed to support the healthy growth and development of her baby.

Pregnant women require an increased intake of folate (folic acid), protein, calcium, fiber, vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin C, and iron. The foods we have chosen for this basket are rich in one or more of these properties to support a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy can make a woman feel tired and run down--and this can make her more susceptible to colds and illness. To boost her immune system, we've included foods rich in vitamins with immune-boosting properties, namely, vitamins E, D, and C.

Pregnancy can often cause constipation and, subsequently, hemorrhoids. To help keep her digestive system healthy and regular, it is important to consume a fiber-rich diet.

Finally, pregnancy can include queasies as well as aches and pains. To ease nausea associated with morning sickness, we've included a delicious ginger soother to ease the tummy. For relief from aches and pains, we've included dried cherries--which have been shown to be very effective (better--and safer--even than aspirin) at relieving pain. Cherries are also rich in vitamin C and contain melatonin, a natural way to get more restful sleep (something for which moms-to-be are desperate).

Our Healthy Pregnancy Gift Basket Includes:

Dried Pineapple
Bella Cucina Artichoke Lemon Pesto
Mary's Gone Crackers
Ginger Soother
Maine Munchies Snack mix
Broccoli Soup
McCann's Steel-cut Oatmeal
Just Veggies for Snacking or to Toss in Pasta
Fiber Gourmet High Fiber Pasta
Cheese Crisps--high in calcium
Kale Chips
Food Guide: Recommended Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy

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