Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Caciotta Al Tartufo with Black Truffles Cheese ( lb)

Caciotta Al
Caciotta Al Tartufo with Black Truffles Cheese (1 lb)
by For The Gourmet

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Adding truffles to most dishes bring it to another level of earthy deliciousness. A powerful flavor profile, they can often overwhelm but since they are delicious, no one ever minds. Caciotta Al Tartufo strikes a happy balance between musia and as it is only aged for about a month, possibly because no one could wait any longer to dive into it. The earthy truffles, coupled with creamy combination of both cow and sheep's milk make this cheese an excellent addition to any che ese tray; it's something that will definitely get people's attention. If you are looking for a wine pairing, try something sharp and red, like a strong merlot or a Hungarian Tokay.

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