Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beet Caviar by Divine Brine ( ounce)

Beet Caviar
Beet Caviar by Divine Brine (16 ounce)
by Divine Brine
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This Beet and Horseradish relish is based on an old Ukranian Easter recipe called "Tsikly." It's a tangy accompaniment for brats, hot dogs, steaks, roast beef, eggs and sandwiches. Try it and you'll start putting it on everything! We particularly love it on top of fresh goat cheese and sliced baguette.

Chef Robert Schaefer founded Divine Brine Foods on one simple principle: "We have to get back to the garden". Coming of age in the late-1960s, Robert found himself in the middle of a food divergence in America, where whole foods came into competition with the emerging processed foods market. At age 15, Robert shunned processed foods entirely and embraced vegetarianism and yoga. But his mother continued to prepare traditional meat-based family meals, leaving him with few vegetarian options. Dinnertime conflicts ensued, but quickly were resolved when Robert's mother commanded her son to either eat what she prepared or learn to cook for himself. Robert chose the latter and, thus, out of necessity, began his lifelong love of cooking.

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